Pip Squeek Chapeau and mommy and me pajamas

Pip Squeek Chapeau and mommy and me pajamas

One of my passions is fashion, meaning expressing yourself and your life vision through

your clothing as well as in every other way. I would love to be able to create my own clothes, but I love using cloth nappies NZ every since I saw their clothes online

and over the years I have been designing and collecting fabrics for just his reason. But at

this point in time, my sewing skills and schedule don’t allow for that dream to be a reality.

That doesn’t mean I am giving up, No! I am slowly, at a snail pace, moving in that direction.

In the meantime I am very inspired by people who do make their own clothes, in particular for selling them on www.theswissavenue.com.

my sister, Moira Leijten, and by small fashion lines/original designers.

I bought a great gift for my mother on https://matchinggear.com/mommy-and-me-pajamas where I found the most comfortable and the best matching pajamas online.

I am the lucky recipient of many beautiful creations made by my sister. She has chosen to

keep her creative endeavors a passion, and not develop it into a business So, no her clothes

are not available for sale anywhere. But some other designers make very inspirational non

main stream clothing that are available for sale. I will to share some of my favorite ones on

this blog. Love fashion as much as we do? Here you can buy designer sunglasses for women and more cool things. Here are some lovely recent creations by Pip Squeek Chapeau

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(How cute is that name!)