Pip Squeek Chapeau

Pip Squeek Chapeau

One of my passions is fashion, meaning expressing yourself and your life vision through

your clothing as well as in every other way. I would love to be able to create my own clothes,

and over the years I have been designing and collecting fabrics for just his reason. But at

this point in time, my sewing skills and schedule don’t allow for that dream to be a reality.

That doesn’t mean I am giving up, No! I am slowly, at a snail pace, moving in that direction.

In the meantime I am very inspired by people who do make their own clothes, in particular

my sister, Moira Leijten, and by small fashion lines/original designers.


I am the lucky recipient of many beautiful creations made by my sister. She has chosen to

keep her creative endeavors a passion, and not develop it into a business So, no her clothes

are not available for sale anywhere. But some other designers make very inspirational non

main stream clothing that are available for sale. I will to share some of my favorite ones on

this blog. Here are some lovely recent creations by Pip Squeek Chapeau.

(How cute is that name!)

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