Aileen Leijten was born in Belgium, she attended the Rudolf Steiner School in Antwerp through high school and earned a BFA in Animation Film from the University College Ghent. After graduating she moved to the U.S. and obtained a Masters Degree in Experimental Animation from California Institute of the Arts. Leijten’s art films won awards and were nominated in Festivals nationally and internationally. She worked on commercial projects for Hanna Barbera, Sony Studio’s, Digital Domain, Mattel Media, Walt Disney Imagineering, and she won a grant to work on a project for the Steven Spielberg’s Starbright Foundation. In 2004 Leijten and her husband moved to NYC to write and illustrate Children’s Books. Once their daughter was born, Leijten began exploring natural fiber arts. She started working with natural dyes, felting, etc. She returned to Los Angeles 8 years later with her family, to continue working on Books, Fiber Arts, and she added Ceramics as another medium to express herself artistically.
Her books, ceramics and fiber art creations are available online and in bookstores nationwide.



Picture Books, Chapter Book Covers, Graphic Novels, commercial illustration, etc. Published books: Hugging Hour, Philomel/Penguin Lint Boy, Clarion Books

Fiber Arts

Natural and plant dyed textiles: scarves, towels, felts. I work mainly with ethically sourced organic fabrics and dyes. There is real magic in creating beautiful organic colors from plants and other natural materials


I love working with clay. I hand build objects for every day use in our homes. In stead of surrounding ourselves with factory made lifeless products, we can find objects made with love by people, with their hands and their heart.


Taught traditional animation at CalArts for 2 years.

Currently teaching, creative expression: Drawing, Waldorf craft workshops for adults, Biography.


         Our earth has always been good to us, providing us with food, a place to live, abundant beauty and so much more. We people have caused much destruction. We can choose to interact with the world differently, by being aware of the repercussions of our every day actions, what we leave behind on our path, and what we create. Choosing to use, create and purchase natural, ethically sourced, organic materials whenever possible is a huge part of that. Whether it be food we eat, dye we use, fabric or garments we purchase, or the objects we use in our households every day.
Let’s make a difference in what we buy, what we use and what we create. Thank you.