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–“What starts off looking like a tale of mismatched friends turns out to be, instead, a splendidly accessible exploration of the poetic process as Bella finds Bean’s words seeping into her work. Leijten (Hugging Hour!) draws readers in immediately with her offbeat whimsy. Bella, for example, is first glimpsed through the window of her house, a fairytale concoction of tiny bricks, shingles and turrets nestled among the roots of a tree, with paper lanterns festooned just beyond. Letters, words and images dance about the final pages as the two friends together compose a poem that proclaims their eternal bond. Ages 4–8. (Feb.)”

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Kathi Appelt rated it: * * * * *
–The love between the two shines through, and Aileen Leijten’s lovely art amplifies it

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. –This one is a charmer.” 

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Planet Esme –“needing to get a second copy simply so I can rip out and frame the first page.”–

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Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast — “I also like the way Leijten brings Bella and Bean to life, what with all their weirdnesses and even their offbeat looks,”–

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BookLoons Reviews —“Bella & Bean is a children’s book that is a delight for parents as well as their little ones.”– 

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The Reading Zone –“The illustrations by Aileen Leijten are precious and you just want to dive into the book with Bean.”

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Peaceful Reader —“The illustrations are beautifully drawn by Aileen Leijten. Thank you Rebecca and Aileen for giving me book tingles!!”

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