Lint Boy

A Graphic Novel
Book Trailer

Trailer by Aileen Leijten, Music by Pamela Aronoff.

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Lint Boy and Lint Bear live in their cozy dryer home, carefree and happy—until the day Lint Bear is snatched away by a cruel woman with a vendetta against dolls! Can Lint Boy unite a group of lost dolls to vanquish the villain and save his brothe
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Lint Boy is born

Rattle and Battle!

Rattle & Battle!

The lost socks

The Lost Socks


Bang, Bang, Bang!

“…readers will have a difficult time putting it down.”     -Kirkus Reviews

“Framing many panels with gorgeous, swooping art nouveau borders, Leijten creates a vintage atmosphere that underscores the evergreen appeal of dolls.”        -Publishers Weekly

“Trim, memorable, and poignant, this graphic novel surely wins the prize for best book about living lint. more           -Bulletin

~”it’s spooky and compelling and the surprises keep on coming, right to the end. It’s a beautiful book and a great read for kids who appreciate a good case of the shivers.” more         -Chicago Tribune